Tidewater Angler's Club

Club History and Overview

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    The Tidewater Angler's Club was founded in February of 1941 at a meeting at the Monticello Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia.

     The purpose of this organization is to band together those people whose common interest will allow them to work together to preserve the great natural resources of this area for the continued use and pleasure of this generation and for posterity, to promote the protection and conservation of fish and kindred creatures both salt and fresh water varieties, to make known to the membership a greater sense of enjoyment in the practice of the ancient art of angling, and true sportsmanship among all members of the brotherhood of Tidewater fishermen.

     If you are interested in fishing, we welcome you to join the "Tidewater Angler's Club", or TAC. We are a group of about 150 Members, of various levels of fishing experience, ranging from those of us who have not purchased their fishing rod or first tackle box or own a boat to those of us who have been fishing for over 60 years.

    Membership in our club offers many benefits to its members, beginners and veterans alike, involving fishing the surf, bay, sound and ocean. We learn together how to be better stewards of our fishing resources by sharing our ideas and persective with others of like mind.

     One of the most significant benefits of membership consists of the camaraderie and fellowship with others interested in fishing, and in species and conservation education. You will learn how to catch fish including those little secrets that will enable you to go out and catch your limit! You can always learn something from others in the club.

     If you are new to fishing or planning to get in on the fun, our members are able to help you. Many of our members are experienced fisherman and woman who are familiar with various equipment necessary. They are willing to discuss equipment and techniques with you and share their experiences without very much coaxing.

     Our annual dues are only $25.00 for an individual or $30.00 for a family. This modest amount entitles you to attend the general meetings held the second Tuesday of each month; to participate in the monthly door prizes of fishing equipment; to enjoy the refreshments served at each meeting; to attend the annual fish fry, and other events, as well as being eligbile to win club trophies.

     Our monthly meetings always include an educational talk or presentation on some aspect of fishing. Also, members submit fishing contest forms and this information is used to select the winners of our annual trophies. The club maintains an ongoing record of all fish reported to determine club records.