Tidewater Angler's Club

TAC Prize Fish Contest

The Tidewater Angler's Club Prize Fish Contest is for members only. There is a main "category" for all anglers as well as women's and youth categories.

When a fish is turned in many items are considered to determine the monthly winners, incuding the size of fish and tackle employed.

Annual winners (first and second place by species) are based upon weight with time of entry breaking any ties.

Any species of finfish will eligible.

The contest runs from January 1 through December 31.

 The territorial limits for the contest shall be the entire states of Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.

  Only fish taken on hook and line during the open season and from water open to the public for fishing are acceptable as entries.

Fish must be weighed on
certified public scales in the present of one witness. Fish will be judged to the nearest ounce.

No member shall receive more the one award for the same species of fish in the annual contest.

Acceptability of fish entered in this contest will be entirely within the discretion of the prize fish committee, whose decision will be final.

A first and second prize will be offered in each class and will be presented at the annual banquet.